About us – Michelle Sterry

Dr. Michelle Sterry MD, DMD, FACS, PCMy name is Michelle Sterry MD, DMD, FACS,

I am a plastic surgeon in North Texas. I can boast of my wide experience in the field of breast reconstruction.

For a long time, I was director of the phototherapy at a well-known clinic. I saw a lot of different lasers that displayed psoriasis and vitiligo. I always strive for aesthetics in my work. After the surgery, the breasts of my patients should look natural, the operation itself should be performed in compliance with all the standards of sterility.

I always choose only the highest quality modern implants that can be worn for more than 10 years. I pay great attention to a possible side effect, each of my patients knows that she can immediately contact me at any time today or after several years and undergo a consultation.

Here at Opheliaproject.com, I write about the natural breast augmentation methods that I now use in my practice at the Texas Plastic Surgery Clinic.

Working with many patients, I concluded for myself that breast plastic surgery is not always an ideal solution. There are many individual points to consider.

Many girls receive contraindications for the use of plastic, then their only way to enlarge their breasts is to use creams or pills for breast augmentation, which work in a natural way.

Now in the clinic, I accept patients and always refer them to many tests, if at least something bothers me – I recommend that they use natural pills and creams that really work. Many of them offer a temporary effect, but some offer a permanent effect.