The Best Breast Enlargement Pills Review: Compare Ingredients, Results

Pills with the effect of push up biological products for breast augmentation

Breast – the most hormone-dependent part of the female body, which even during the menstrual cycle can change in volume up to 1 size due to changes in the level of estrogen in the blood.

Stress, pregnancy, and lactation, an unbalanced diet, and diets just “kill” the elasticity and tenderness of the female bust. Under the influence of external and internal negative factors, it not only loses volume, but a gradual lowering of the breast also occurs, as the level of elastin decreases, and the ligaments are stretched.

As a rule, this leads to the fact that a woman ceases to catch the ecstatic glances of the opposite sex and tries to hide under her clothes what was once her decoration. Is it possible to correct the negative consequences?

1) Surgery is not a panacea for breast augmentation

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“The hot question”: why mammoplasty is not a panacea

The first thing that catches your eye is the results of surgical operations. They are full of queries in the search engine, the pages of women’s magazines, singers, and actresses on the crest of popularity do not disdain to redraw their bodies without hiding it. But is the imaginary beauty of such a risk?

The surgeon’s scalpel and manipulations with breast prostheses, called mammoplasty, are anesthesia, incisions, disruption of integrity, a long healing process, and a dubious result without a lifetime warranty.

Nicole Kidman, Victoria Beckham, Britney Spears – the best of the best plastic surgeons are at their service, but they preferred to remove them once installed implants. Perhaps there is a less traumatic way in order not to lose the beauty and splendor of the bust?

2) How the best breast enlargement pills work?

Effect of breast enhancement supplements

To understand how to help yourself save or return female charms, you need to understand how the female breast is arranged.

This part of the female body, which consists of adipose and glandular tissue, is supported by the collagen ligaments with which it is attached to the base – the pectoral muscle. Moreover, the breast of muscle fibers itself is completely deprived, so it is impossible to “pump up” or give relief, such as, for example, cubes on the stomach.

To increase the volume and give elasticity, the breast must be “filled” with fatty and glandular tissue. It is also necessary to achieve an increase in the amount of elastin, which will strengthen the internal bonds in the mammary gland.

Therefore, a natural breast enlargement can be achieved by taking special supplements that would restore the balance of the nutrients necessary for this and contribute to the growth of adipose tissue in the breast in a natural way.

Supplements for breast enlargement contain special substances – analogs of female sex hormones, which, when ingested, restore those disorders that have caused the breast to lose its attractiveness:

  • normalize the balance of progesterone and estrogen;
  • activate the production of elastin;
  • have a rejuvenating effect on the skin of the chest;
  • help eliminate stretch marks.

3) Overview and comparison of Breast Actives, Total Curve, Max Bust36, BreastFast, Procurves Plus breast pills

Alternative by nature: an overview of popular breast enhancers

Since the problem is quite common, pharmacists do not stop searching for the perfect formula for a lush female bust.

The Best Breast Enlargement Pills of 2020

Breast Actives – Herbal Pills and Cream Breast Enlargement System

Bioactive supplement pills based on herbal and seed extracts containing high levels of phytoestrogens. Only two tablets per day enlarge small breasts and relieve sagging problems and loss of breast volume. The best result is achieved by using the entire line, combining cream and tablets, you can achieve vitamin support, which naturally activates the rejuvenation of the female bust. The product has been on the market for many years and has an established reputation for success.

Total Curve – total lifting effect and rejuvenation

A natural supplement whose action is based on the content of phytoestrogens and a special ingredient of Volubilis, which, when taken daily, contribute to an increase in the volume of the breast and its tightening. It allows you to quickly and effectively eliminate degenerative age-related changes, it is also optimal for breast reconstruction after prolonged lactation.

Max Bust36 – maximum possibilities

A multicomponent formula, in one capsule of which contains phytoestrogens, amino acids and plant extracts used in traditional medicine. The first week of taking the drug will assess its effect on the mammary gland. The most significant results are possible after a course of 3 months.

BreastFast – a secret from nature

The supplement is based on plant hormones. Provides the natural growth of cells of adipose tissue of the breast. Provides a single daily intake of the drug. The first result is usually noted after three weeks. The manufacturer notes that in addition to taking the drug, a healthy diet requires a complete diet, as well as a healthy lifestyle and restoration of wakefulness and rest.

Procurves Plus – Natural Rejuvenation

A daily intake of two tablets of this formula will help solve the problem of losing the attractiveness of the female breast due to diets and physical activity. The optimal course duration is at least 6 months. The basis of the drug is herbal components.

4) What to choose: breast enlargement pills or creams? Compared to Naturaful and Brestrogen

Locally or comprehensively: what cream can be better than tablets?

In addition to capsules and tablets, you can also find special breast enhancement creams. The same components can be included in their composition, but one of the chips is the combination of the active substance and gentle massage, which is necessary for applying the cream.

This approach can also lead to significant results. Usually, the use of the cream helps to increase breasts by 1-3 sizes, depending on its initial condition and woman’s lifestyle.

Naturaful – the power of extracts

Cream with excellent adhesion of natural ingredients. When applied, it is completely absorbed and does not leave a sticky feeling. It is necessary to use twice a day after application, a slight tingling is possible, this indicates that the components activate the processes of active cell division.

The active basis of the Naturaful cream is extracts of thistle, wild yam, and dong-quai root. The cream is effective in itself does not include the use of tablets. The warranty period is 60 days. During this time, you can return the package and receive a refund.

Brestrogen – Vitamin Charge

Cream-based on an extract of Pueraria and vitamin E (tocopherol). It is applied 2 times a day after a shower. Massage is necessary until completely absorbed. Within 60 days, the manufacturer accepts a refund if the composition of the drug does not fit or if there are no visible changes.

The main advantage of the breast enhancement cream is a local effect and a quick effect by applying directly to the chest. At the same time, drugs act comprehensively and have a lasting effect due to the effect on the hormonal background and regeneration processes.

5) Overview of the main ingredients

Component Magic

The basis of supplements for breast enlargement are natural components. The modern direction of evidence-based medicine is departing from the orthodox direction and is returning to its roots – healing with herbs and minerals. Old methods in combination with innovations allow not only to achieve the desired result but also to restore health and maintain youth.


Vitamin involved in regeneration processes. Stimulates the production of new cells and the production of elastin.


It is a source of phytohormones. Stimulates the gonads to restore hormonal balance in the body.


A special ingredient based on anemarrena root extract. Its effect increases the number of adipocytes – the main cell mass of the mammary gland. Present only in Total Curve.


The leaf extract contains a bioflavonoid, which in the body activates the production of collagen.

Wild yams 

The source of diosgenin is a hormone used in hormone replacement therapy of the female genital area.

Dong quai

The second name of this plant is female ginseng. Effective not only as a natural antioxidant but also as a means to restore female reproductive function and relieve symptoms of PMS.


Source of photo-estradiol. Eliminates the effects of hormonal imbalance.


Used in folk medicine to restore lactation. The preparation is necessary for the stimulation and reproduction of cells of the glandular tissue of the breast.

6) Hormones estrogen and progesterone and their effects on breast growth

Breast growth and hormones: progesterone and estrogen

Since the mammary gland is a hormone-dependent organ, it is necessary to understand which hormones affect it. Two substances “conduct” in this orchestra – estrogen, and progesterone. The condition and appearance of the female breast depend on their level.

Estrogen promotes the development of adipose tissue of the breast. It is on its level that its volume and size depend. Under the influence of estrogen in the first phase of the menstrual cycle, the breast can increase in size.

Progesterone is responsible for the proliferation of glandular tissue of the breast. In addition, it can increase the temperature inside the gland. In a woman’s body, a jump in the level of progesterone occurs in the second phase of the menstrual cycle. Sometimes it can cause soreness.

The combination of plant analogs of progesterone and estrogen in the supplements fulfill their function, thereby contributing not only to visual changes but also to rejuvenate the skin and breast structure. At the same time, unlike synthetic analogs, they do not harm health and do not contribute to the development of adverse reactions.

7) Sagging breasts is also solved with tablets.

A simple solution to eliminate ptosis

One of the common problems of female charms is premature sagging breasts or mastocytosis. It is characterized by loose skin, loss of volume, uneven distribution of adipose tissue.

Even in the most advanced cases, you should not risk your health and consider an operation to implant implants. Since the problem of ptosis can also be solved in a natural way.

For example, the Breast Actives breast enlargement pills contain the entire spectrum of components that allow you to quickly eliminate the negative changes in the bust caused by ptosis.

Fennel will restore estrogen balance and contribute to the growth of glandular tissue, wild yam and thistle will restore hormones, ginseng will have a rejuvenating effect and eliminate stretch marks.

When choosing the best breast enhancement supplement against ptosis, it is necessary that in addition to the cosmetic effect, it contributes to internal changes in the structures and tissues of the bust.

8) How to choose a pill? Trust, reviews, warranties, formula, manufacturer, research

Breast Enlargement Tips

When choosing supplements, first of all, you need to protect yourself from buying fakes, since there are quite a few dishonest sellers in the network who are obsessed with the thirst for profit in someone else’s trouble. Especially a lot of them on trading floors like Amazon or E- Bay.

Therefore, a manufacturer respecting the consumer has long been selling products through the official website. Take the trouble to visit all the web pages to get acquainted not only with the ingredient composition of the tablets but also with information about the manufacturer.

In favor of a quality drug testify:

  • duration and volume of sales;
  • Warranty and return policy
  • the availability of information on the current composition of the drug;
  • documentary evidence of effectiveness;
  • availability of photos with the results.

Particular attention should be paid to the current composition. In addition to hormones or their analogs, the composition of the drug should include substances that synthesize or activate collagen production.

9) Results from 1-8 month of use

Results in numbers

An approximate diagram * of the results from the use of breast enlargement pills with a size of AA (OB 71.5 cm) is as follows:

  • 1 month –  4%
  • 2-month – 7%
  • 3-month – 9%
  • 4-month – 11.5%
  • 5-month – 14%
  • 6-month – 16%
  • 7-month – 18%
  • 8-month – 21%

* – the scheme of results may differ for women of different ages, as the course outcome may be influenced by lifestyle, diet, and level of physical activity.

10) Truth and myths: the effect is forever (yes / no), works for everyone (yes / no), side effects (yes / no), the effect immediately (yes / no), pills choose lego . Paint, answers optional

 7 common breast enlargement pill myths

Myth 1. Surgery is forever, and pills are only a temporary effect.

False, as age-related changes contribute to the movement of the implant, which is fraught with the need for correction. Tablets, in addition to the growth of adipose tissue, also contribute to the strengthening of collagen bonds.

Myth 2. Supplements are not suitable for all women.

Wrong. Any woman, starting at the age of 18, can use drugs for breast augmentation.

Myth 3. There are a lot of negative side effects of taking pills.

Wrong. The breast enlargement pills do not contain synthetic components, are absorbed by the body and do not cause a negative reaction of the body.

Myth 4. Tablets can be taken for years, but there will still be no effect.

Wrong. The effect is achieved by the response of the hormonal system of the body and is based on physiology. Therefore, visual and tactile effects will be present. An exception may be patients who take daily laxatives and diuretics that can bind and remove the beneficial nutrients that make up the drug.

Myth 5. Instead of pills, it is better to do special strength “exercises for the chest.”

Wrong. There is no muscle in the chest, so it is impossible to increase it through exercise. On the contrary, intensive loads contribute to fat burning and volume reduction.

Myth 6. Choosing breast pills is very easy.

Wrong. It is necessary to carefully study the information on the manufacturer and the composition of the components, since not only the quality component is important for the breast, but also the presence of both hormone-containing nutrients and stimulants of elastin production.

Myth 7. It is better to buy a drug in a pharmacy.

Wrong. Medicines contain synthetic hormones. They are not absorbed by the body and accumulate in the kidneys and liver, thereby provoking adverse reactions.

11) What Medicine Says – Research

A few medical facts about breast enlargement and the effectiveness of herbal ingredients

Fact 1. Surgery is not a panacea

Clinical statistics “ A retrospective study of primary breast augmentation: recovery period, complications, and patient satisfaction ” indicate low satisfaction and a large number of negative consequences from breast enlargement operations.

Fact 2. Phytoestrogens not only contribute to the growth of breast tissue but also have an antitumor effect.

The study, Recent Insights Into the Effect of Natural and Environmental Estrogens on Mammary Development and Carcinogenesis , concludes that phytoestrogens are allowed to be included in breast cancer prevention. Therefore, taking drugs for breast augmentation can also become an active antitumor preventive measure.

Fact 3. Biotechnology – the medicine of the future

The scientific research “ Biotechnology , In Vitro Production of Natural Bioactive Compounds , Herbal Preparation , and Disease Management ( Treatment and Prevention ) ” contains data on the effectiveness and safety of plant analogues of hormones in terms of their capabilities and therapeutic effect.

12) Summary – it is worth buying breast enhancement pills?

A reliable alternative to scalpel

Whatever the reasons for causing negative changes in the female breast, there is a reliable and proven remedy for their elimination – natural breast enlargement pills. Their use will not only help restore the bust to its former forms but also:

  • increase size;
  • eliminate mastocytosis ;
  • maintain the firmness and elasticity of delicate skin;
  • restore the glandular structure.

Moreover, the result from the use of breast supplements is not associated with a risk to health, weight fluctuations, or changes in the structure of nails and hair. Cream or pills for breast augmentation – an alternative to surgical intervention that does not require a long stay in the hospital, wearing special underwear or prosthetics.

A simple scheme for taking tablets or performing massaging movements for applying the cream will provide a reliable result. The best combination is a system of cream and tablets, such as Breast Actives, which is a short time that will allow a woman to regain confidence in her own attractiveness!

Breast Actives pilules et crème d’augmentation mammaire naturelles

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