Privacy policy

This page regulates the relationship between visitors and site administration. You will learn about how we treat your personal data, how we comply with the conditions of confidentiality and what information we may collect and use about you. If you do not agree that we keep at least some information about you, please leave this resource immediately.

Why are we collecting some information about our visitors?

This is done primarily to improve the quality of interaction with the site.

Speed ​​of work – when studying analytics, we look at how quickly our site loads, we optimize access to the site so that you can get the requested information faster

Navigating through internal pages – we look at which pages of a site seem more interesting to you, watch what links and which pages are worth adding in order to improve the user experience of interacting with a site

Follow external links – we look at which links you need to put and on which sellers of goods to satisfy your need for a purchase or additional information

Maps and videos – using the Google Analytics service, we check how photos and videos published on the site meet your expectations. We overwhelm visual content if we see that the graphics and videos on the site do not help you in any way

Reliability and relevance of information on the site

We try to provide our visitors with only that information that is true, only relevant facts, prices, product descriptions. We talk about creams and pills for breast augmentation, which you can buy today and which we personally tried to share our experience.

Responsibility to visitors

Despite the fact that we try to provide only the most necessary, official information, we also quote users who write their reviews about products on the forums. This information can be interpreted by you differently, which is why we will not accept responsibility for the result that you get after using a cream or pills for breast enlargement.

We do not own the goods, do not sell them, do not collect data about you for further commercial use and do not transfer it to a third party.

Confidential information

We do not collect visitor data on our website – neither email, nor addresses, nor phone numbers, nor credit card data. We do not offer users to create accounts on the site and only save cookies.

Use of cookies on our website

We support the use of cookies files that use services such as Google Analytics. We collect standard visitor data:

  • User browser
  • Country of visit and IP address
  • Visited pages on the site
  • External clicks on the website
  • We record the video of movement on the site

You can disable the support of cookies on the site, this is possible in the settings of your browser. Cookies are used for faster access to the site on subsequent visits.

Retargeting and ad networks

There are no installed pixels of advertising systems on our site, such as Facebook Ads or Google Ads. This means that you will not be on the retargeting list of these ad systems.